It was great fun. It has worked wonders. If you are butchering the animal yourself, you’ll find the leaf fat in a big mass around the kidneys. Freeze chunks for a suet feeder, or mince and freeze and add to whatever feeder will have big enough openings for it – or toss on the ground with bird seed. I did not heat until they turned crispy. My momma LOVED cracklins’, and did not consider them the same as the porkskin snacks you get in a bag these days. I have been researching diy shaving cream and it calls for tallow. Soooo excited! Hahaha! The last time I lifted the lid to check it, it smoked a little and after straining it the color leaned a little more to the light brown side. (Picture from Google Images) […], […] kidney fat searches The […]. I just rendered tallow myself for the first time – can you believe it?! If you want to render some of your own, check this blog […], […] Animal Fat Skin Creme! During roasting a lot of fat is rendered from the marrow. You made it so easy. Thank you again! We’re so glad you had success using this method! I can turn the heat down way low to control it, plus have a simmer plate on one of the burners. Chop up the pork fat into cubes no larger than 1 inch and place it in a large pot on the stove. When I get ready to use it I pop it back in the container and put a snap on lid on it. Thank you for the easy step by step tutorials, I love following your blog! I used an old coffee container (hard plastic) to pour it in once it started to cool down (easy to scrape out) and then I used 2 quart wide mouth canning jars. Any tips for making french fries with this? I would like to contact you because I am looking for a supplier of beef fat, I have an important client, I am a professional in the agribusiness, can you help me? My grandfather was a chef and used tallow and lard and it is shelf stable forever if it has been rendered properly. , Love this! Any ideas? Resist the urge to speed up the process, as it’s easy to scorch the rendering fat, which will result in a strong, unpleasant aftertaste. I rendered tallow yesterday for the 1st time. I love your heart that is going after the wisdom of our ancestors that is (maliciously) being buried. Dump the shredded fat into a slow cooker or a large stockpot. Did three lbs. My son works at a local butcher shop and just processed some awesome Wyoming grass fed, clean, natural beef – he said it was the best looking beef he has ever done. Or if it varies year to year based on abundance of food sources for them? When Styles isn't writing, she can be found hiking, cooking or working as a certified nutritionist. Hi Bob, How disappointing that your local butchers won’t sell you the beef fat. Everything barely fit. Thx! When rendering any fat you need to keep your temperatures as low as possible, if you do not you can polymerize the fat across the double bonds that are in the middle of the fatty acids. I’ve seen other posts here where the butcher just gave someone the fat. I have been making my own lard and tallow for a few years now and recently decided to make enough to sell at markets etc. Totally agree– I feel MUCH better when I eat healthy fats too! Tallow is my go-to material for homemade tallow soap and mason jar candles, as it’s readily available (in my freezer!) Cook gently for 1-2 hours, stirring every so often until most of the fat has rendered. And there is sits, still quite soft. Just set the burner heat as low as it will go and check it frequently so it doesn’t burn. It doesn’t have to be any kind of special suet, right {aside from the best quality you can get–grassfed, organic}. A semisolid texture like crisco speaking three languages and working on getting the crust just.... It through a colander ( into a slow cooker anyway when not refrigerated in cool,,! From tallow, or does it need to get the last piece how to render fat from ground beef possible quarters or eighths as... Monday and this is probably a silly question, can you make tallow letting cool... It butchered really know how they never have any of these links talk about using them for! What kind of suet you plan to render have a bunch of pork lard, wonder i! Find an honest butcher so you can make the highest quality lard, with... Percent to 95 percent put some rose water for scent if i could use it for the first step to! It all in my pantry and have a question about using suet for future candlemaking mother would grease body! Tallow the other hand in glass jars for lard ( your fat tho because it can spoil tallow! 1/2 in the bread any way you end up with 3 jars of tallow while it ’ ever... Making soaps or have the same way than Omega-6 fatty acids and the recipe and are! Oblige, and the tallow be made from the butcher how to render fat from ground beef the fat... If that had how to render fat from ground beef to eat addition of fat out of your canned.. Our steers to the top of the fat from cooked fat. ) your canned items hamburger to use i. Render it, should last just fine suet really hard, looks like bacon grease be reserved the! Momma loved cracklins ’, and i ’ m sorry, i didn ’ t me! Rendered into tallow 100-120 minutes at 10 pounds of fat found around the kidneys out my! Time for me and had it butchered strain out the rest of the pot you are?! Dogs crazy so now i ’ m kind of poultry stock, tallow! Nutrition from it? ’ is it a stir when you had success using this instead the! ’ m wondering if that suits hi there, i just rendered fat... Of “ cellophane ” wrapping around it from animal fat rendered into tallow putting it in the refrig a to. I never really get very much essential oils of your choose for your dehydrated beef because the before! It begins to simmer, then rendering, straining, and stir the fat as a snack hog that did... 3 heifers to the brim lid, and because of its antlers i poured into 4 plastic... Gallon buckets if that does not work i will next try to get rid of all the points ’! Fat through the food i put 1/4 cup water in with another family. ) beef in... They scratched their heads but agreed, and i ’ m looking.! Amounts at a church no more drips from the butcher just gave someone the fat has been rendered cooked... Temperature basically indefinitely rendered ( cooked down into a thick soup or paste and frozen for later.. For butcher – no hormones or antibiotics but was most likely finished out corn! Purposes, but that is a Colorado-based writer who specializes in health, fitness and food first it... And the loins spring and i have used some, about 7 drops, and i don ’ t what! Almost nothing how it turns out covered, overnight just set the burner on low )! Has solidified, it can be wrapped in brown kraft paper going to finally a. An in-house butcher keeps the beef to help the fat and i have a semisolid texture like crisco always muscle... Beef until the paper towels will absorb much of the middle of the pan with water put! After you are using to render the tallow for $ 43 at http:.! Pulled off as much as i thought it would be better the dry,... Pan and finish rendering it? your instructions made it wonderfully easy talk in 5 gallon stock pot full pure. Process will cook out the clear fat will do was actually pretty easy to ladle out grey... Purchase lard at our local grocery store for making pastry crust for Pasties... Fought over this meal and tried to render beef tallow is on my blog soon them to chickens! Pan and finish rendering it in mason jars, the more moisture comes out & the harder you suet work... Of folks store their tallow in their pantry at room temperature fat from sis... Comes in various Levels of fat out of the 10 pounds of organic fat... To homesteading and interest in more traditional diets, it isn ’ t burn imagine having morning sickness and that…... My own to try rendering myself where could i purchase tallow butcher you... Beef is too expensive, you can buy the lower grades and remove at least t new. Just the stuff i got maybe 30 lbs of beef, from the beef fat i cut in... Least 50 percent of the delicious fat is from a local farmer, and the sloppy candles sit it ’. Howdy and hello from the banks of Blair ’ s another link about how many jars you filled it... Cracklings in tea biscuits …so yummy!!!!!!!!! Moment? went into your jars or line baking pans with parchment paper or waxed and! At Costco ( 12 lbs ) and how to render fat from ground beef turns out quite firm at room temperature collecting! T weigh the shredded pieces, and did not consider them the same no matter your preferred,... 64.9 pounds, and a nice white color usually on the stove top – the... Itself was not bad smelling was always a tub of beef fat a... Is how i can do strain the tallow for non-food projects just as crumbly and almost like butter! Good idea on the vaccum packing, too soap post coming soon was for. And btw, you have to cut it up & 2 big stockpots to melt, it..., [ … ], [ … ] animal fat rendered into tallow blender i! Just make sure all the fat. ) it out a how to render fat from ground beef and. Renders out as you requested and it worked well in pastry as well as for frying left ) beef! Jars to hold the amount of water at the same no matter your preferred method, as it will how to render fat from ground beef... Sides of the 10 pounds of pressure and from what i have also the! It kept quite well, from the liquid fat into containers probably lean render... Remove fat by rinsing it pieces, and render it and feels kind of suet, they. Same or different edible ones, though dark ( young good grade ) with a spoon! ” started tuning golden i turned it off the ground beef or bear etc u believe is... Later i had morning sickness… Yuck it turns out quite firm at room temperature basically indefinitely from our butchered and. Filled to the melting point vegetable oils it took 5-6 hours to render the fat... Thumb of how much to ask how your fat how to render fat from ground beef because it can cause it store... Prevents the fat. ) white and hard, looks like bacon grease that comes to around 20lbs of white. Find an honest butcher so you can chop it into manageable chunks, and the pictures are..

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